About Pise'



The Pise' process begins with forming the interior surface of the walls. The vertical rebar has been tied to the footing.
The interior surface forms are carefully alligned and braced.
The reinforcing steel is now tied in place.
The Pise' is reiforced in the same manner as poured concrete.
All wall plugs, lights and plumbing are placed within the Pise'.
The Pise' is now blown into place by a very experienced gunite crew. Gunite is the method for both Pise' and swimming pools.

The Pise' is blown into place with special equipment.
Excess Pise' or as the industry calls it- rebound is shoveled up and tamped into forms creating beautiful building blocks for many landscape uses.
After curing for several days the walls are stripped reveiling an extremely smooth interior surface, while the exterior has a hand textured old-world quality.


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